April 6, 2013 – Saturday Afternoon Session

I love General Conference. The world needs to have the truth spoken, without apology and without political correctness. Every once in a while some of the talks will be have a few little phrases to soften the message, but not as much as has happened in the past. I have missed Neal A Maxwell, because of his straight forward approach but I think his style is more evident among all of the brethren then has been in quite a while.

richard-g-scottRichard G. Scott, in his soft-spoken way started out encouraging us to find a refuge from the fast paced world around us. He encouraged us to make our home a refuge, centered on Christ. Children need to help out and be responsible for their actions and how it affects the rest of the family. He then went on to speak in a very straight forward way about how sin can destroy and how Satan tries to influence the world around us. What a great talk. He covered so much in such a short time, in a direct, yet soothing way. When I was younger I didn’t appreciate him as much as I do now. I think I was too immature and easy to put to sleep. 🙂

quentin-l-cook Quentin L. Cook talked about peace and finding strength in the Stakes of Zion. He talked about the difference between the internal peace the gospel brings and the kind of peace which can no longer be found in the world (as the Lord has stated, peace has been taken from the world). We can’t expect that universal peace will be on the earth before the return of the Lord. So we need to find our own internal peace in the Savior. Oh, how the world is being called to repent! We need the gospel, the church and the priesthood. People who claim to be ‘spiritual but not religious’ are missing out on the peace Christ can bring.

Stanly G. Ellis of the Seventy, an Idaho farm boy, wanted to be straight forward. So, he was. He spoke on a variety of subjects including: speaking against judging people by outside or worldly appearance, the welfare state; immorality (gay marriage without saying the words), how missionary work is to be done and seeking for our own way instead of the Lord’s will. He spoke a very powerful message that so many need to hear.

John B. Dickson of the Seventy talked about the spread of the gospel and the latter-day restoration. He also bore witness of the growth of the church in West Africa.

david-a-bednarDavid A. Bednar spoke on the Law of Chastity and why it’s important. He was awesome! As one of the leaders of the movement to pass Proposition 8 in California, he has always been awesome of speaking out on this issue with love and a Christ like demeanor. He slammed Satan and all of his plans to destroy us through immorality. I wish the world would listen. Heck, I wish all of the those who claim to be Latter-day Saints would listen.

russell-m-nelsonRussell M. Nelson Talked about missionary preparation. Not just the youth preparing, but all of us a church need to prepare for the growth in missionary work. He also made a little plug for the General Missionary Fund like President Monson did earlier. 🙂 He also encouraged the local ward missionaries and mission leaders in particular. He then proclaimed the truths of the Restoration.

I hope Sunday is just as awesome! I know more people watch on Sunday, but dang was today full of wonderful words of the Lord.

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