April 6, 2013 – Saturday Morning Session

Wow! What a great morning!

President Monson announced new Temples in Cedar City Utah and Rio D’janero, Brazil. After looking on the Internet, I think if we double the number of stakes in El Paso and Cruces, we should be able to build one in our area. šŸ™‚

packer-bio-world-wide-leadership-trainingPresident Packer is a stud! He always has been. (And boy, do people who hate the Church and righteous living hate his guts.) He once again stepped up to the plate and hit a Grand Slam in defense of the family. He reminded us that tolerance has bounds, we can hate the sin without hating the sinner and we need to be especially wary of the snakes trying to work their way into the gardens of our lives. He reminded us that the Savior told the prostitute “go and sin no more.” He didn’t forgive he in her sin, only as she abandon it. As usually, He spoke out against gay marriage clearly without using the words, and he reminded members of the church that they need to stand up for the family.

Dean M. Davies of the Presiding Bishopric gave a great talk about building on a firm foundation. His talk reminded me that I must help my children build a marriage based on the firm foundation of a temple marriage. trying to build a marriage on a weak foundation is folly. His talk made me think, how sad would it be to have a father in the family who can’t worthily bless his children? Being a member of the Church isn’t enough though, there are other parts too. It also includes personal prayer, scripture study, priesthood ordinances.

elaine-s-daltonSister Elaine S Dalton (Young Women General President) gave a great talk. The Spirit moved me to tears a couple of times as she spoke about “Act well your part.” She talked about how important it is for our women to remember, “We are daughters of our Heavenly Father.” She talked about raising up women of virtue, who can raise up the next generation. She also called upon the sacred, inspired words of the Family Proclamation to great effect. She again called for a return to virtue and reminded us of the admonition in Mosiah 18:9 – … stand as witnesses of God at all times and in all things, and in all places …

Craig A Cardon of the Seventy gave a great talk about forgiveness. He reminded us that the Atonement can help us even in long time and habitual sin. New members can’t be shunned if they stumble. They need to be encouraged to get back on the path.Ā  He reminded us that forgiveness form God requires our heart has to be right – yes he forgives, but the Atonement requires our desire to overcome the sin. Willful sin, without a heart desiring to overcome the sin won’t be forgiven. But we must repent to take advantage of the Atonement.


M. Russell Ballard bore great testimony of the power of the Priesthood of God. He reminded the men that they hold the priesthood, but they are not the priesthood. He reiterated the need men and women have for each other.Ā  Again, a reminder of God’s ordaining of the family. He spoke of the need to nourish with love and the light of Christ (Like we take care of the tomatoes šŸ™‚ ) He bore strong testimony of the priesthood.

henry-b-eyringPresident Henry B. Eyring bore a strong witness of Christ and he spoke more about the admonition in Mosiah 18. He had a special message for my family family that we need to rely on the Lord in our current situation. Two things we are dealing with were both spoken to directly, it was wonderful. President Eyring also reminded us of the central role of the family and that Satan and his followers goal is to the destroy families in this life and in eternity. He also bore mighty testimony of the Church.

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