April 7, 2013 – Sunday Afternoon Session

The final session was starting. Yet incredibly great messages were yet to come.

jeffrey-r-hollandJeffrey R. Holland reminded us that even a desire to believe is enough to get started. In your most desperate hour, even if you aren’t sure you fully believe or understand, you can still turn to the Lord. He admonished the young people, focus on your strengths. Don’t focus on your weaknesses. Remember what know, then ask for help gaining more. Be true to the faith that you do have, no matter how much. Seek for the truth and be humble. Do not allow the frailties and failings of others to stop your progress. Only the Lord is perfect. He then bore a fervent testimony of Christ. A perfect message to call someone we all know to come back home.

dallin-h-oaksDallin H. Oaks is awesome, he always says it the way things really are! He admonished us to follow the Savior’s example, then challenged all Christians to see if they are following that example. He spoke of the ordinances of the gospel and Christ’s commandment to keep the commandments, no matter what the world thinks. We must not be “of the world.” Jesus didn’t speak hypothetically, he gave commandments and they are to be followed. He also spoke of the sacrament and prayer (praying to God in the name of Christ). Christ also spoke about marriage between a man and a woman. (Elder Oaks referred to this twice in passing 🙂 ) We need to have love for all of Heavenly Father’s children and we are commanded to forgive others. We must give to the needy and we, as church do this not only among our members, but globally. We do this not only financially, but also through service. The Savior commanded us to be missionaries to the entire world, and this we do, with 65,000 missionaries in over 150 countries and territories around the world. Christ told us to seek perfection as heirs of God. We are heirs to ALL the Father has. We can only do this through Jesus Christ.

Christoffel Golden Jr of the Seventy bore witness about the Restoration and the nature of God and Christ as separate beings, united in purpose. He also bore witness of the Holy Ghost and the gift of the Holy Ghost by the laying on of hands under proper priesthood power. An understanding the Godhead bears witness to us of the nature of the eternal family.

Enrique R. Falabella of the Seventy spoke to parents and exhorting them to realize that we are in fact given instructions of how to be good parents. He emphasized the critical need for an eternal family and the need to treat each other properly. Teach your children to sing, this will bring joy into the lives of your children. Children need words of love, but also hugs and other tokens. Teach them to study, love and live the scriptures.

Erich W. Kopischke of the Seventy spoke of the need for acceptance. We need to help all of Heavenly Father’s children feel like they are loved and cherished, so they don’t turn to bad sources of acceptance (the world). We also need to seek the acceptance of the Lord. To be acceptable to the Lord be need certain traits: We need to have an honest, broken heart and contrite spirit. Only we can know what our heart really feels. We can fake it to others, but we must be honest with ourselves. A contrite spirit is willing to change. We need to be willing to sacrifice our will to that of the Lord. We can know that the Lord is accepting our efforts is whether we have the companionship of the Holy Ghost.

Bruce D. Porter of the Seventy reminded us that, during these days of tribulation, the Lord has overcome the world. We will find sanctuary in the Stakes of Zion in the hard times to come. That doesn’t mean trials won’t come, but we can have peace during these times. Faith and Hope, even in a darkening world, can help us remain optimistic.

d-todd-christoffersonD. Todd Christofferson bore witness of Christ as our redeemer. We have a universal redemption from physical death, but our redemption from sin requires our repentance. Our missionary work is how we can help spread this redemption to those who do not yet have it. Temple work allows us to bring this gift to those who died without this redemption. Not only did the Savior redeem, but he also ministered. We need to do this as well. Some things we can best do for people with the help of others – thus we have Church to help us magnify our efforts. He proclaimed we ne need God’s Perfect Justice, not the temporary “social justice” sought after by some in our world. (Very Nice! – If you don’t know why, pull your head out of the sand.)

thomas-s-monsonPresident Monson added his witness to the Conference and admonished us to be good people, to reach out to others and be examples of Christ.

It was a great Conference. So many messages to so many people. Many invitations to return, admonitions to stand strong, calls to serve those who need our help and the gospel, exhortations to repent. There were simple statements of the truth and reminders to some that God is God and will always be God. We need to conform to His will, not vice-versa.

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