April 7, 2013 – Sunday Morning Session

dieter-f-uchtdorfPresident Dieter F. Uchtdorf spoke about enlightenment. He spoke about darkness around many of us because of circumstances in life. He counseled that the Lord promises us the light (The Lord) will lead us out. He said to truly be healed we must look to the light of the Lord and not dwell in the past. Without using the words he advised us not to hold grudges. He also reminded us that, yes, other people can help bring us the light, but sometimes we need to turn on the light ourselves and open our eyes.

How do we do that if we are in darkness? Start where you are. No one is perfect, there is no requirement for starting out in your quest for the Lord. Turn your heart toward the Lord. Repent, ask him for help and inspiration. Then, walk in the light. You might stumble, but He loves you and wants to see you on the path. Christ’s light will always defeat the darkness.

neil-l-andersenNeil L Anderson spoke about miracles of Jesus’ life and miracle in the growth of the church. He said we are now in 189 of the 224 countries and territories in the world. He encouraged member missionary work and said social media is a tool we can use. He also emphasis the growth of the church in West Africa shows we can overcome the traditions of the world that go against God’s commandments.

Rosemary M Wixom, Primary General President, exhorted us to speak to the children in a way they can hear us. She said to ask the Lord’s help in this. Pay attention to them – disconnect from the distractions of technology.

L. Whitney Clayton of the Seventy (I wonder how bad his first name must be) – Gave a great talk that made me think of my eldest daughter and her wonderful husband (And of course my own marriage relationship to the perfect woman – for me at least). He talked about happy marriages and what makes them that way. He said their relationship is a pearl of great price, they share faith and in the Lord Jesus Christ, they are obedient to all of the commandments, not picking and choosing. They practice repentance with humility, put their spouse first in decisions. They are partners and respect each other, they focus on the home. They cooperate not negotiate. They love each other in live in that love, they are devoted to each other in all ways. I’m not perfect, but I agree with him. I think that’s why my marriage is so happy! At least to me. 🙂

l-tom-perryL. Tom Perry gave an awesome talk in which he talked about the war going on around us. Secularism is all around us. We must observe God’s law. He reminded us Agency is 2nd only to life as the greatest gifts of God. Satan is driven to destroy us. He spoke to one of my favorite themes, especially when teaching the youth (before their choices become life altering) Every a choice we make is choice between life and liberty or captivity and death. He expounded on 2 Nephi Chapter 2. I encourage you to read it now. I’ll wait. Awesome, right?

By now Elder Perry was on fire! He spoke about how to the world only 4 of the 10 commandments seem to matter killing, stealing lying and honoring parents (And many in the world don’t even accept all four of these) The other 6 are constantly ignored. He went on to defended life – at both ends. Ignoring chastity leads to murder (think about it for a second if you have to – and you better not have to). He spoke about the family being under attack and it is deteriorating. He referred again to the Family Proclamation – probably the most important prophetic statement made in the last 20 years (in my mind at least).

He reminded us, and thus the whole world, there are moral absolutes. Sin will always be sin. God’s promises do not change. Liberty and happiness come from obedience to God’s law. We must not pick and choose what commandments to keep, Stand fast in all things, be a light on the hill.


thomas-s-monsonPresident Monson spoke about truth. Truth never changes. He spoke about his own 8-year-old misadventures with fire and the importance of obedience. Abraham and Issac as an example of obedience. He quoted President Hinckley in reminding us that our peace, happiness, prosperity, and eternal life are dependent on our obedience. He again told the story of the Hungarian guy who had been holding his tithes for years waiting for a chance to pay his tithes, just to remain obedient – whether he would ever be called to account or not. Even the Savior had to be the perfect example of obedience in Gethsemane and on the Cross.

The Choir brought me to tears with their rendition of one of my favorite hymns, Come, Come Ye Saints

A great morning to be sure!


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