A life defining General Conference

I love President Benson.

When you watch this talk (rather than just read the text) you see that President Benson almost gave a different talk at the Priesthood Session and just had this one printed in the Ensign.

Please watch this! And to the men who watch this, Please live it!


This talk defined my adulthood. It was essential to the way we raised our family.

I was far from perfect, but I knew what I needed to be doing. I did (and still do) strive to live it.

The following talk (Also from the October 1987 General Conference)  is another that I have referred to time and again in my life as well. It is just as important today as it was then.

Listen to it and live it!

Then … Look up all of President Benson’s talks, find and read his books, and hopefully you will learn to love him the way I do!

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